How to make my character enter from right without entering big to small

Hey hope someone can help me trying to make my character walk in from right but it keep going from big to small


You need to do spot directing for that.
Spot directing will be done twice for that.
1 when off screen
and other
when on screen. :heart:

For eg:
@CHARACTER spot 1.141 95 604 in zone 1
@pause for .1
@CHARACTER walks to spot 0.989 111 110 in zone 2


So what will this be

@FEMALE 1 enters from left to spot 0.892 224 164 what will it be

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what spot do you want them to go to?

Spot 0.892 224 164

And offscreen spot 0.892 31 164

try this -

@CHARAKTER spot 0.892 224 164
@pause for 1
@CHARAKTER walks to spot 0.892 31

also, make sure you put what zone they are in and if there is any dialogue, you can insert it before the charakter walks off screen

She is the literal queen! Check her out! She can help!

Thank you. I was looking through peoples comments, and you were the only one that worked :smile: <3