How to use props?

Hello episode forum viewers I am very excited to be apart of the community, Writers have a struggling problem with very simply props. Props are used for the story to make it more realistic so they character seems to be drinking or holding something. A few animations don’t need props such as takephoto_camera_happy_loop and some animations do need props such as sip_cup_worried to add and remove use the following to add props: @ add
PROP to CHARACTER example: @ add Coffee Cup To Go to SARAH and to remove props simply add @remove PROP from CHARACTER example: @remove Coffee Cup To Go from Sarah also there is a tab on the right of your format including props to include in your story. And that’s it how you add and remove props please comment any struggling problem you might have below. Enjoy your day. Hope I helped someone today.

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Very helpful, but this isn’t the right category for this topic.

@add Coffee Cup To Go to SARAH
not @ add Coffee Cup To Go to SARAH

Thanks for making this topic but there is already one here that explains how to use props: PROPS: how to use them :greentea:

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I spaced it so it wouldn’t promote a user when I added the @ to add but yes that is correct.

@Casper81 please check out the many threads already created for prop help and how to use them. Thanks!