I am looking for free art

hello, anyone is willing to do my book cover for free

I’m busy with other things at the moment so I’m afraid I can’t help, but just so you know, most people would like to have some details about what you want (style, genre, poses, setting, props, fonts) before offering to make a story cover.

do you know perosn who can drawing

for book cover

There are lots of people here who draw- they usually just want more details first. What style are you looking for?

what do you mean ?

i am looking for Romane

She means for you to specify more detail in your original post regarding what type of art you are looking for.

Things like:

  • Art style: Limelight/Ink… Edited/Drawn…Semi-Realistic/Realistic/Cartoon/Anime etc

  • Time Frame that you need the art by

  • Pose reference (An image showing a likeness of what you want created)

  • Photos/Information of your characters.

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