I can't find the "SIGH" command , please help!


Hey everyone ! Please help me! I can’t find the " sigh command" I have no idea how is supposed to be written… Thank you in advance!


In Limelight? Do you maybe mean “sigh_disappointed”? Or “listen_phone_sigh”? Or “deepbreath”?


In ink it’s deepbreath


Yes in ink but it’s not the deepbreath … The animaiton is like u are just done with the stupidnes of someone :smiley:


I believe what you’re referring to is “disappointed”


OMG thank you so much ! <3


@CHARACTER is deepbreath … it works for me for sigh


There’s “deepbreath” if you’re nervous and whatnot.

Then “disappointed” if you’re annoyed or something like that :slight_smile:


Don’t it work for sigh ? I think it’s same right :smile:


Closing due to inactivity :slight_smile: