I Need an (Ink) art scene artist! (plz and thank lml)


Hey guys! itz me! lol
So im in need for an artist for my new story
I will be using it for the outro
here is a picture

so if anybody can recreate this into an art scene, that would be amazing!
(also the background can be anything cool and funny)


Hello! I could do it :heart:


I’ll show ya some of my examples!


yes please!


Please a min.


Can u reinvite me to teh chat plz




Check dis :heart:


…which 1?


Your edits are so good! (much better then mine lol)
I would really appreciate it if you could make the scene!


Lol, thankyou :heart:
Can you send me the details?


Sure! hold on for a bit


Here they are!
Skin colour: Caramel
Brows: Defined natural
Hair: Beach wave hair
Hair Colour: Blasting Blue
Eye shape: Round bold
Eye colour: blue
Face shape: soft heart
Nose: Upturned
Lips: full round
Lip colour: bubblegum pink

Top: Pink breezy top
Pants: Cadet Blue High Waisted Pants
Shoes: Pink sporty chic sneakers
Choker: Diamond Choker necklase


Okay, by when do ya need it?


Anytime really. Its up to you about when you finish


Maybe within 2-3 days?