I need art shops!πŸ’–πŸ’–

Hi! So I have changed my character hair cause I changed it in real lifexd so I want a new character card for my character and I haven’t found a shop open:( can someone help me?

I can do it in the morning if you’re not in a rush of needing it?


First one is an old one I did, but the bottom two are my newer style of doing character cards. I can do Ink too if yours is in that Style

OH MY GOD, THANK YOU! yes i would love to. Take your time! this is my old character

Old Character Card

my character

My new hairstyle is straight medium and in the character card you don’t need to add the outfit xd you can use the same background which is INT. HOME NURSERY PINK - DAY

thank you so much!

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Sounds good, I’ll be back with it in a bit :relaxed:

Hi I just finished doing your character card, let me know if you want anything changed :heartpulse:

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IT’S PERFECT, THANK YOU SO MUCHHHH!!! :blob_hearts: :blob_hearts:

How should I credit you??

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Your welcome glad you like it :butterfly:. And no need to credit me :alpaca:

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