I need Cafe Backgrounds

:sparkles:Hello, I need some Cafe backgrounds or coffee shop backgrounds. I don’t need a certain type just maybe a front desk and another background being tables. Please and thank you!!:sparkles:


@ amepisode has a or of different cafes in her google drive
You could look her up here or in her ig


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If you are ever interested in joining my KOFI DRIVE :grinning:

Background DRIVE (Now OPEN )


I checked it out and I’m confused. Do the backgrounds/overlays cost money???

These are perfect so I’m kinda hoping their free

I don’t have cafe backgrounds but I do have some backgrounds if u want to use them. I have the link on my profile

Yes, you need to buy.

Oh sorry, I’m not looking to pay! Should have been more specific.

She was specific, in my opinion.

Good luck with finding a cafe background!


I have some and it’s free :slight_smile: you can find the links on my Instagram @the.silversss just need to fill the form :sparkles:

Lol sorry again I was talking about my self.

Okay thank you!

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Hi if you are still in a need of background…

Wanna check out my drive… if you use any of them then credit me on my Instagram, @orangeweedie.episode :wink: and read the rules first :heart:

Okay will do!

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