I need friends (join if you do too)


My favourite style is the episode ink but I did love the hairs it the Episode original! I’m not really a fan of the Episode Limelight, ink is my fav what about you? x


@Katie3 Mines is episode ink also, though I see Limelight seem to have more features, Episode ink seems like it fits the natural way of any story. Now give me episode ink with episode original hair and I will binge read any story. :joy:


Same :joy:


ME! x


I haven’t published a story yet but I’m working on an entry for the H&V contest.

I like both ink and limelight.




@MeganTinista let me know when you release it, so I can read it.


Okay :blush:


I love INK. I think it has the right balance of realism and cartoon.
I first tried Episode around the time in launched but promptly quit because I just couldn’t deal with those freaky (in my opinion) CLASSIC characters. I didn’t like LIMELIGHT at all at first, but now I can at least tolerate it. I like there clothes for LIMELIGHT but they really don’t have much.
I feel as though they may be trying to faze INK out as we haven’t gotten an INK update in a while, but that could also be because of the H&V contest.


@MeganTinista @Katie3 I don’t either but Katie it is pretty cool of you to add this as a topic. It’s a way of changing it for people who feel like they don’t have friends and want them and support!


I would agree, especially with the update part. I hope they don’t take away INK and I have noticed that limelight is having more updates. Limelight does have better choices of clothing, but not a lot to choose from. I looked at your profile I am going to read some of your stories. Is there one, in particular, you want me to start with first?


Thanks @Mzking. It’s up to you. Hopeless in Hollywood is the “better” one directing wise, but I wasn’t able to do as much with it as I had planned due to practically writing the first 3 chapters in a weekend. It will be completed some time today or tomorrow if you like it enough to read to the end, lol.

I’ll definitely appreciate any feedback you can give me to improve future stories. :smiley:


@Purple_Ghost well let me get to reading while I’m off work… I’ve built up like 54 passes so if you see a binge reaction of reading that is me…:joy: Talk to you soon my new friends. :wink: I sure will, I love reading and you can check out mine if you like… Any feedback I will appreciate it also


LOL. :joy: I also currently have a stock pile of passes I’ve been saving ever since they added the extra pass a day.

@Mzking, I’ll check yours out soon! :smile:


I am not new to Episode but I am looking for some friends as well. :relaxed:




Welcome to our humble chatting abode.

I’m not all that new to Episode forums either. I joined the old one last Summer (though my join date says this February), but I wasn’t very active on there.






I’m looking for some friends I randomly found out I made an account for this and I’m lonely