I need help by customizing characters!



I try to allow cusomizing characters for the readers.
It is good by the first character but after the second character…it starts again from the second one.
Please help! I watched hundreds of tutorial about how to do it but i doesn’t work!


Probably because both starting labels are the same, you need to change one and all of the “goto’s” that match it.


So i have to change all labels into goto?


When you start. there is a starting label, I don’t know what it’s called, but it should be at the very beginning, change that and all of the matching “goto’s”, and yes, all of the other matching labels/goto’s, because if you don’t, it can take you between both character customization’s. You only have to change all goto’s and labels for one of the two choices, (and if you are making the reader customize more that two characters, then you would also have to change the goto/labels in that thread as well.)

In conclusion yes, you have to change all of the labels/goto’s.


You can just add a “2” to the end of every label/goto, that’s what I would do, it’s very easy and makes everything much less confusing.


OMG! I made it! Thank you so much!