I need help with name customization!

Hey there,
I’m writing a story where the MC’s are twins, and the reader can customize their names.
But if i test it on my phone, the customization of the first MC works, but the second doesn’t?

This is my code

input What is your name?|What is your name?|DONE(NAME)

    TWIN (callout_neutral)
Are you coming, [NAME]?
    TWIN (callout_neutral)
Dad wants an important conversation!

    YOU (callout_neutral)
I'm coming,...!

input What is your twin’s name?|What is your twin’s name? Tip: make it match with your name!|DONE(TWINNAME)

@pan to zone 1
YOU (callout_neutral)
Coming, (TWINNAME)!

The display names are NAME and TWINNAME, that’s okay, right?
With (NAME) it all works perfect, but (TWINNAME) stays (TWINNAME) in the dialogs.
Somebody help please! :confused:

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I think it’s because of bracket - u put () these bracket rather than [ ]
Try with [TWINNAME] :thinking:

Alright, i’ll try :slight_smile:

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Cool tell if it didn’t work , we could try some these and that thing :rofl:

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Yes, it works! Thanks! :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Haha glad it did :wink: good luck for your story :upside_down_face:

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