I need help with some coding!

Hi! Does anyone have a script template for this background? I need a room full of people but I really don’t have the time to code it all. Is there anyone who has one or is willing to create one for me? It’d be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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I might be able to help

Hi! How might you be able to?

How many people would you need in the background like total ?

I can also help. If you ever need my help, do reply

Uh about 25-30…20 minimum…I know it’s a lot

Hi! How would you be able to help?

I can make that scene, with 30 bg characters, including different animations and props, in 4 days.

Please provide me all the details, like the theme, etc, I’ll do it for free.

Please visit my thread and give all the deets there, if your interested, like I said this scene will be free and completed in 4 days max

Hi! That would be amazing! Do you have any other socials that I can message you the details on? I don’t really use the forums all that much.

How about Instagram? My account is _khanak17 _ there’s no gap in underscores and name, my account is new, no profile pic, with 5 followers :smiling_face_with_tear:

so sorry havent been online, i’ll follow you rn and we can talk about it

so sorry, I have one done now!

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