I need some motivation


I’m not sure if I’m in the right place, but i need some motivation to help me with my story. I am currently just starting episode 3 and have been discouraged lately, does anyone have any motivation for me? Or any tips on how to make a good story? I’d appreciate it


Listen to music :notes: :musical_score: :musical_note:


I’ll tell you what my writing teacher tells me…




I wish I could give you a really motivational speech, but my first episode has been in the work for 5 months now. :woman_facepalming:


What’s the genre? Sometimes I’ll watch a few movies or some episodes from a tv show that are the same genre as what I’m writing.
I recommend watching 1 or 2 movies/shows you like AND 1 or 2 that you’ve never seen before. Something new to invigorate your brain, something old to remind you of what you love.
Also (idk if you do this already) but think of ways that you’d change the plots or storylines from what you’re watching. Sometimes it can get the wheels turning then branch off into a whole new story :slight_smile:

Good luck!


Thank You for your suggestion, my genre is fantasy, so, yeah ill do that Thank You


I’m actually doing that right now :joy:


Honestly, I had like three other story plots that I tried before doing the one I’m doing right now, but that taught me to plan out my stories before I write them, I’m just getting frustrated with the commands :joy:


Your writing teacher is my inspiration


Ooooh fun! I love fantasy, hope it goes well!


:joy::joy: you think that’s bad? I’ve started about 9 different stories since I’ve had Episode. I had to create a new account because I couldn’t stand the amount of garbage unfinished stories I had there. I’ve vowed to stick with the one I’m writing now.


I’ll cheer if that helps
GO @StoryWriter10 GO!!!


Here are some points that keep me motivated, hope this helps:

  1. I enjoy writing
  2. I don’t take this seriously, it’s only a hobby for me
  3. I would probably never show my stories to my friends, but nobody knows me in the community
  4. Seeing that many garbage on the app ensures me that my stories are actually good
  5. Receiving some positive feedback from time to time can make my day
  6. After a while I get connected to my own characters and if I want to find out what happens to them I have to keep writing :smiley:


i listen to music.


Honestly just take your time. There is no deadline for you to publish. Just take your time and actually think about what you really want and it will all work out for you. Good luck with your story!


take breaks and don’t be too hard on yourself. if writing is something you’re passionate about then you’ll always make your way back to it.


Free write. It can relate to your story, but it doesn’t have to. Writing down anything in your mind is okay. All it has to do is remind yourself why you write, why you love it. Later, you can come back to the piece and look over it, highlight the parts you adored, and try to incorporate those sections into your story.

Excitement is contagious, and when someone else is excited about your story, it typically lifts up your spirits too. Find beta readers to read over your first two chapters, and hear what they think. Chat with other writers, and set reasonable writing goals together, while supporting them with their stories. Read other’s stories, and jot down elements you loved about theirs, and try to change them up then insert a few of them into yours. Create a playlist with songs that remind you of your writing.

Nothing specifically makes a ‘good’ story, as it depends on the type, the genre, the theme, and etc. It will differ for people, as no one has the exact same taste in stories. To me, the ‘best’ stories always make wonder, because if I didn’t wonder, what’s the point in continuing? Again, this is my opinion, and not everyone will agree with me, but that’s okay.

I think if you are really invested into a story, no matter what, you’ll continue it again. Motivation isn’t complete without dedication and perseverance. Ultimately, it matters how interested you are in the story. Good luck!