I want to write a detective story!

Have y’all heard of the tv show “ Castle “ ??

If you have , I want to write a story that is something like Castle.

I need a title
And a different agenda or plot ( whatever you wanna call it )

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I haven’t seen Castle but I’ve heard of it and that sounds like a good idea. I’ve only read the description of the show so that’s all I know. Maybe someone who copies murders from movies? idk maybe that’s too similar. Or someone who commits murders, then writes stories about them and publishes them? And the detective could use the books to solve the murders? Or it could be like in the show where the person helps her solve the case?

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Still need help?

oh my gosh! i absolutely love this idea! maybe the detective could be called on a case, which they go but the murder is set up just as the previous murder cases that they COULDN’T solve. (add something real gruesome or a significant item left at each crime scene! ) They end up re-opening a serial killer case from earlier in their career (maybe five years ago??) and they end up finding the killer is closer to the then suspected (you can message me for ideas if you need em!)

and, since i only read the description of Castle, I think it’d be interesting to add a unlike partner in the story! even if its a paranoid old man or a ex-con or the detectives ex or a school teacher!

goodluck! :blush:

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Well that’s a good idea but I just came up with one and here it is :

A blogger writes and illustrates murders on his blog just for fun until one day someone commits a murder that look exactly like the one on this bloggers website , the police call him in for questioning and believes he is the suspect but this hot brunette homicide detective thinks otherwise. After he comes up innocent he starts working cases with her and the other detectives , because of his friendship with the mayor. Will they fall in love? How will it end ? What is the plot ? Will there be a twist ? A story inspired by ABC ‘s “ Castle ”.

I love this !! But I still need a different concept because i want it to be a little different from Castle or what if it’s just like Castle ??

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