Ibis paint info

Hey artist
Can you use Ibis paint also on your phone or is pc better?

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some ppl use it on thier phone, now for me, im trying to practice using my pc. but maybe others use both, not sure tho.

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Because you can go everywhere with your phone and you can practice always. I hope it works😊

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cool, and it should work. using on phones is always easy but for me, i may need to use something to help me outline my character better instead of using my fingers

I use my iPad, actually, so it should work on a phone too.


do you have to use yr fingers when yr using ipad or their is something u can use to make yr edit without using fingers

Oo nice

I think you can get some sort of stylus but I just use my fingers.

Honestly on phone it sucks, for me, its best on tablet


I think that its definitely better on tablet with some sort of stylus

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I use my phone and my finger, I’m no expert but I’ve done a couple intense drawings and it’s worked fine.

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I can’t get it two work on the computer for me. :disappointed: it just shows things I’ve don’t on my phone and others work. But know were for me to do nine on the computer.

I downloaded an app from somewhere to get ibis paint x but it kinda be slow a bit

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Oh if you happen to remember the name of the app would you mind sharing it with me. :blush:

I’ll give it a try

You can try up to down

“Up to down” :thinking:

I use my phone, and my finger sadly i couldn’t find a stylus for my phone but i manage