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I figured that some people might need tutorials for ibis paint x.

Since, I see so many people struggling with art, I’m gonna try to help them by posting a couple different tutorials using the app Ibis Paint X.

Why Ibis Paint X?
Since it is the most easy-to-work-with app there is. It’s also available in both iOS and Android so it’s a win-win situation, if you are in a laptop or computer, try downloading bluestacks to download Ibis Paint X. However, it’s hard to draw in a mouse

Why should we follow your tutorials when some people already have them?
Simple answer, you don’t need to follow my tutorials! You can just use my tutorials as a reference and do your art in your own style.

Is this gonna be a video, or step-by-step picture tutorial?
I would love to make this a video however, my tutorials are gonna be a step-by-step picture tutorial. I’ll try to brief out the whole explanation so it’s understandable and not a long-read.

What style are you gonna make a tutorial with?
That depends. I’m gonna go back-and-forth with limelight and INK but since I’m more comfortable with INK, most tutorials would be in INK

Why are you gonna make a tutorial thread when you’re not even that good?
Three words, you’re so savage. Anyways, I understand that I’m not that good. However, some might need tips and references on how to do this and that.

Are you just gonna teach us how to draw?
Simple answer, no. I’m also gonna teach you how to make other stuff. Such as, covers, edits, art scenes etc.

If you have any other questions, reply on this thread. Also do let me know if you’d like to participate, so I can be sure to tag you when I post other tutorials!

Quality characters

The most obvious thing that I have noticed when artists specifically beginners make a piece of art or edit is the fact that, they don’t use quality images.

I’m not trying to offend those artists experienced or not that doesn’t use quality images but, this is a very crucial part in making an edit. It is only my opinion, but I feel like your artwork would bring out inner beauty if you use quality images. It’s also easier to trace an episode character when you have quality-images.

There are different methods in getting quality characters so let me tell you 2 to start.

Method 1 | Use an EA. If you’re a lazy-bum like yours truly. I’d say that this method is perfect for you. Using an editing assistant can help out a lot- besides, all you need to do after all is give credit to the editing-assistant creator and you’re all set!

There are different Editing Assistant’s out there but, the most famous one is episode_amanda’s Editing Assistant. Her editing assistant can be found on her linktree and other things you need to do to use the ea is found on the ea itself.

Method 2 | Direct & code. If you prefer to diy- or not give credit in general, then doing it yourself is the way for you.

Heres a guide by Kayla Granger:

Stabilizer & Force fade

What I’ve noticed about the art of beginners, is that they have scribbly lines. In order to help with this, you should consider turning on the stabilizer tool.

Looking at the photo, the one with stabilizer turned out straighter than the one without stabilizer. The force fade also helps in making the ends of the lines thinner.

For a guide on how to use ibis paint x go look at this video:

Pinks, oranges and browns

For this tip I’m gonna ask a question, what is better to use? Pink, orange or brown?

To answer this question, I’d say all. If you have a light skin color, use a color in between pink and orange. However, if you have a tan to dark color, thats when you use brown.

Just make sure to never ever, swear to mother use grey

Gaussian Blur or Blur tool?

To those who ask this question, I personally prefer to use the blur tool since it doesn’t scatter and you can blur the skin in however direction you want. The gaussian blur, scatters everywhere and I believe is only good for shading major parts.

With those being said, let’s begin the tutorials shall we?

Simple cover art

So today I’m gonna show you how I made this simple cover art.
What you’re gonna get;

Step 1. Follow the steps on how to get quality characters as shown on top. Then place the character on your canvas.

Step 2. Select the selection layer and fill out the background and any other white parts.

Step 3. Go back to the character layer and clear it, it should erase the background. After clearing it, go back to the selection layer and clear it aswell.

Step 4. Create 2 new layers, one with a multiply blending mode right above the character, clip it to the character.

Select the normal blending mode layer and draw out the light source for an easier reference,

Step 5. Select the brush Airbrush (Trapezoid 20%), after that select the eyedrop tool and select the color of the hair.

Step 6. Brush the edges of the hair, opposite to where the light-source points. Repeat step 5 and 6 with the skin and clothes.

Step 7. Create a new layer just above the character, with the blending mode of Add. Repeat what you did to the character on step 5 and 6 but this time, on where the light source points.

Merge the layers and delete the light source drawing layer after all the process…

Step 8. Place the background, change the placement of the character and add some effects however you like. Make a new layer under the character and click on the FX button, scroll down and press Stroke (Outer), adjust the width ans change the hue and saturation.

Step 9. Add some more effects to the background then hide the character layer. Save the canvas and go to phonto app, add in your text/s.

Step 10. Go to the layer below the character then import the phonto image. Unhide the character layer and add more effects if you want. Save the image and you’re done!

Tag other people who you think might need this :heavy_heart_exclamation:


This was so helpful, thank you!!! :black_heart:

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I am not getting how to use the editing assistant…when I click on it in the link three in phone it goes simply to the episode app…uh? :smiley:

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Definitely bookmarking.

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It’s supposed to do that. You then can make your character(s) and screenshot them when your done to get good quality photos to trace or use.

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You mean… make screenshot whyle I play the story as I normaly do? I am kinda confused. :nerd_face:

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Nope. The story is basically just to create a character, choose clothing, and props and animations so that if you need to draw that character it’ll be easier. I suck at explaining.

So I have to go in the app to create story and there create character and than make screenshot?

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No. The EA is basically used to get quality photos of characters to use as reference or trace for your artwork. You can go and create any character and when your ready choose the outfit and animation. Then you take a screenshot to use for your art.

lol I will try it…hope now I get it right.:))

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