-I'm taking a break- (Please allow me to explain)

Hey guys!

It’s Yay, and I have been offline for a bit now.

I know I’ve still got requests to do and I am in the process of doing them.

Though I would like to take a break for a little bit to focus on other things apart from episode forums.

Here is some reasons why:

  1. I would like to focus on my own stories.


  1. I am developing drawing skills (Alot of you didn’t know yes I draw :T)

I hope you all understand, there is lots of other forumers around who would love to help you, don’t worry I will be back on in no time.

Regards Yay <3


I’ll have a think about it :slight_smile: though don’t worry I won’t be gone forever! :slight_smile:

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Good luck! I think it’s right to take a break if you need it :slight_smile:

Enjoy your break, you deserve one! :heart: You’re very talented, helpful and kind <3

If you need to cancel my request. I’m totally fine with that. So that you can have a well deserve break.

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