In Need of A Co-Writer/Editor, and Cover Art

Could you sent me the details? :smile:

Of course! Soon, hold on.

Title: Cruelty of Ice
Genre: Drama
(just info for you to remember)
Splash: “Thanks for reading!” At the bottom it should say “To Be Continued”
Characters That I Want To Be On the Splash: Linda, and Derek
Derek: Fawn Spiked Up Hair
Diamond Facial Shape
Thick Tapered Eyebrows
Brown Deepset Sloping Eyes
Aquiline Nose
Chestnut Small Round Lips
Olive Skin
Outfit: Navy Blue Varsity Jacket, Gray Faded Jeans, Blue Hipster High Top Sneakers, and Key Necklace
Linda: Cayenne Urban Punk Ponytail
Soft Heart Facial Shape
Smooth Arched Eyebrows
Brown Round Classic Eyes
Aquiline Nose
Cherry Red Classic Slender Lips
Olive Skin
Outfit: White Shirt With Suspenders, Black Slit Skirt, Punk Look Jacket, Black Military Chic Boots, Diamond Choker Necklace, Silver Rising Star Earrings, Beige Rocker Leather Bracelet, and Navy Blue Boss Lady Purse
Melissa: Chestnut Fishtail Braid
Diamond Facial Shape
Seductive Arched Eyebrows
Auburn Round Classic Eyes
Soft Natural Nose
Bubblegum Pink Classic Slender Lips
Light Skin
Outfit: Stripe Belted Sweater Dress, Gold Rising Star Earrings, Magenta Holiday Sequin Heels, Pink Chunky Necklace, Emerald Metallic Stripe Bracelet, and Light Pink Boss Lady Purse
Character Positions: Melissa blowing a kiss, Linda with her arms crossed, or looking badass somehow, and Derek winking
Font: Something fancy, but not script
Color: The background should be something dark and mysterious, which fits with the theme of the story and says “Thanks for reading!” At the bottom, it should say “To be continued…”

Please and thank you!

Hey, can you make me an edit of my limelight character?

But with her making a peace sign and smiling (don’t cut her heels please)

Hey sorry it took so long! But it’s done, I made 2: One with a filter and one without! Tell me if you want something changed :smile: :v:t4:

I thought @SilverStar made it

Thanks! But, for Melissa, I said Gold Rising Earrings, not the Headband. I actually like it. Just add the earrings.

Oh sorry :sweat_smile: I will add it now, do you want the one with the filter or no filter?

The one with a filter

Here you go! Hope you like it! :smile: :heart: :v:t4:

Like when we see Savannah going to school as she’s standing around or something the camera focuses on Pamela and she’s pissed. Then she smiles and walks over to her with Mark

Do you need a splash

That scene was originally in episode 2. But I’ll definitely use that. Do you kind of understand why Pamela hates Savannah?

Sure. I need a season 2 splash Remember the details I gave you for Savannah and Melissa. You can use that

I love it!!!

I’m so glad you like it! :smile:
If you need anything else don’t be afraid to ask! :v:t4:

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Thank you!!!

Yea, just was concerned the viewers were confused at first


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