In Need of A Co-Writer/Editor, and Cover Art

Wow! So she’s sick in the head. The style is Ink

Ya I come up with a lot of ideas :p- but its your story you can decide :confused:

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Oh no, that’s perfect! I just created her character, her name’s Carmen

That is the perfect name for her!!! :+1: When you’re finished with the first three episodes show them to me :blush:

I’m on episode 7! I already published 6 episodes

I can make your cover

Can you make splashes?

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I can!

Hey I can make splashes for you! :smile:

These are examples of my work :slight_smile:

Ooooh, I love the last one! Can anyone do that one for me?

Sure! Could you sent me details?


Hey. I watched a couple episodes. It was good- but maybe give Pamela a little bit more background bc I was a little confused with her- but besides that I like it!

Wow! I did, but now I’m redoing some episodes. I just gave Derek a great background! About his past with Carmen. It starts off with him trying to hide from her, but she finds him. Afterwards, a chase begins. All the way up to the Moonshine Diner (my background), where he meets Kiki. The waitress he befriends. In the third episode (which I’m revising), will establish her background.

Yeah that’s great. But I was thinking on the first episode give Pamela more perspective, or keep her mean or something, because at first I wasn’t sure what her intentions were. Like maybe make her mad to see her and have her thinking angry thoughts, then have her come up and great her. It’s a little less confusing.

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Ah, OK. But how exactly?

You can make a splash! A “Thanks for Reading” one


Sorry I thought you ment me