In Need of A Skintone and Lip Template!

The title pretty much covers it, But I’m in need of a template to let the readers only customize MC’s skin tone and lip color. I tried to recreate it on my own…and it failed miserably. So please, Do help!

@AstroPoison Hi, you need help on a Skintone and Lip Template right?

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dara.amarie has such on her webpage I think

If you will not find it here there was thread for limited CC where Dara was boing adjustmens based on what people needed… try to look it up I bet somebody already wanted this there


She dosent have that tho.

@AstroPoison I will happily!

Yes please!

Still Need Help!

you can make request in the workshop I gave you link to.

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I did!! But I’m not sure she replies. Either that or she’s incredibly busy and I don’t wanna be bothersome, Thank you though!

Still In need of the template!

the easiest way is just to use the full template and on the start delete the option to customize anything else than what you want - you will still have all the CC for hairs and so but it will not let the reader to go there because there will be not such choice. But this way they will be still able to change her lip look not only the color.

Sorry I don’t have the time to redo the template for you completly

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I figured out how to do it! I’m just merging the skintone section of the full cc and taking the lip template by itself to change a few things around- Thank you!

And no worries! Thanks for helping regardless.

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