In need of some beachy themed background!

Hey, my upcoming story is a very beachy themed story, and I’m in desperate need of some beachy backgrounds since I cant find any! I’m not a huge fan of overly realistic backgrounds, but please send me anything you can provide! I’ll make sure to credit you! Thank you :blob_hearts:

Here’s some backgrounds I found on

Beachy Backgrounds

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Thank you, I just took a look at these, but they aren’t exactly what I’m looking for! :blob_hearts:

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Yeah, episode life can be kinda iffy on their backgrounds. Good luck finding the right ones for your story!

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Thank you!!

Maybe on unsplash, there are some good backgrounds without people and with close-ups of the beach and ocean: Beach Pictures | Download Free Images on Unsplash

Thank you, I’ll take a look!

I have an episode based on a beach so I might have something, just depends on what you are looking for. If you haven’t found anything that works yet, feel free to tell me what you need and I’ll see if I have anything among the backgrounds I’ve made.

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I need a beach bar, beach party, just a beach, etc! Just things like that x

Ah, okay, I dont have a beach bar or beach party. From the sound of it this is a more of a holiday type beach, somewhere sandy etc. Mine are made for Brighton beach lol all pebbles :joy:

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Oh, I see :sob::sob: well thank you so much anyway!

No problem. I do commissions, background and art, which are open so if you need something don’t hesitate to reach out and I can show examples of other creations and my prices :blush:

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