Instagram Account Before Posting Story?

This might be a silly question, but should I go ahead and make an Episode Insta? I’m literally just in the middle of brainstorming my story, and it’s not likely to be ready for posting for a few weeks. This basically means I won’t have anything to promote at first, but maybe I could work on introducing myself to the community in the meantime?


You could. I decided to do this, I joined a few Instagram DM groups, it helps a bit to get into the community:). You don’t even have to post things to promote your story yet.

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I think you should! Its a good start. My instas @bree.episode.stories if you want to follow me

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I think you definitely should if you want to take that step. :blush:
Instagram really helps a lot of your readers to keep up to date with your story and interact with you.

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It’s always good to get yourself familiarized within the community, especially if you want to become an author on Episode!

Personally, I believe making an episode Insta is one of (if not the best way) to introduce yourself, since it’s so large. You can also become more intimate with your readers, and get feedback directly since you’re able to link your insta to your episode story on the portal :heart: :relaxed:


Only posts from public Instagram accounts can be shared to stories. If you have a public account and would like to opt-out from letting people share your posts to stories, you can do so within Instagram’s settings. And for more information or any other issue you can visit @SmmPanelDeals