Is internalised misogyny real?

So I was scrolling through one of the threads where someone mentions internalised misogyny and I would like to know if it’s real? Let me know in the comment section as I am pretty confused on this topic.

what is that? I need to do some research…

It means to distance and belittle women along with shaming them due to believing your gender is inferior.


I’m pretty sure you can’t be sexist against yourself, maybe you can. But the term is used way too loosely and rarely ever used correctly . The term is used many times as a method of attacking women who disagree with certain things.

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I’ve noticed that women have been throwing each other under the bus lately with their nonsense.


Yeah, a lot of people who use the term ‘internalized misogyny’ are internalized misogynists themselves


oh wow.

I’m pretty sure it is real. I think @ShanniiWrites Will be best to explain it.

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I’d love to see her response on this.

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Yes, internalised misogyny is a real thing and it absolutely sucks. It’s a lot more than just belittling other women, but mainly about thinking that you – and other women – don’t deserve the same treatment and opportunities as men because you’re just a “weak woman”. Although it happens in normal social circles, it is mainly visible in radical religious groups where women are taught from a very early age that their only value is their beauty and their ability to have children.

Some women like being treated less than men because it comes with certain advantages – for one, no one expects anything from you if you’re just a weak woman. There are plenty of reasons. That doesn’t make it okay to say all women are less than men, though, or force your ideals on other people.


Is it wrong that I kinda believe that though I mean men are in my EYES better


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It’s very sad that you don’t see your full potential. Both men and women can be amazing. It’s nothing to do with your gender


But what is a womans full potential? Having Kids?

Many things. It’s not just having kids. That was a gift to us. We can pursue many careers, create our own businesses–Just like what MEN do! We aren’t limited to anything really. :sweat_smile:


No. There is much more potential, actually. You can get a fantastic career, have amazing experiences, have a happy life. Just like a man’s full potential. The ability to have children should never be a woman’s only purpose, there is so much for to life than that. We should be equal, a man can do no more than a woman. It all depends on the individual.


Spit them facts! :loudspeaker:


But after a womans has a Child nobody wants her anymore… Atleast this is what I’m seeing in the real world

So? That’s the individual’s mindset they have and treat women. Not everyone thinks that or does it. Women have a lot of purpose, it’s just society today and years ago put these stereotypes and ideas in our head “women can’t do much or are weak.” That’s all.


If that’s what you’re seeing, I’m sorry about that but people who see women as nothing just because she has fulfilled her ‘purpose’ are people you should avoid because they are horrible and lots of women have accomplished tons of stuff after having children or none at all.


I still see men as the beter gender sorry :no_mouth: men are more powerfull in my opinion and deserve a lot of respect.