It's Time to Talk About the Comedy Section

I can deal with the comedy stories not being funny. I can deal with the neverending author cameos and random humor.

But I’m so sick of every single comedy story being a romance with jokes thrown in. Not to mention the straight-up dramas that don’t have jokes in them.

Like, I get it, there’s a lot of competition in the romance and drama sections but when I look for a comedy story, I’m looking for a comedy story! (Ideally a sitcom-style one, with a few romantic pairings, and multiple protagonists. Leave some recs in the comments if you want to👀) And I know romcoms exist but a lot of these stories are too dramatic to be called romcoms.

Honestly I don’t know why episode hasn’t added subsections yet like general comedy, romantic comedy, sitcom, etc. This kinda also leads into a discussion about why like 95% percent of episode stories are romance/ the mc has a love interest. Like not even episode has a story that’s not romance lol

I kinda went off the rails a bit but the moral of the story is I should request subsections as a feature


Kinda agree.

But I know an author who actually writes comedy gold and currently has two stories out:

Zero by Josie Jackson
Heroic: Crash by Josie Jackson


Say it louder for the people in the back!
I’m really tired of some authors taking advantage of the fact that most of the genres on Episode aren’t as crowded as Romance, Drama and Action, maybe Fantasy too, so they decide to add a few elements of another random genre and put it in that one, claiming it has the characteristics necessary. That’s just like taking an action story, adding a female love interest and putting it in the LGBTQ+ genre :roll_eyes:
Like, sometimes, I’m tired after a tough day at school, and I just want a fluffy comedy to lift up my spirits but it turns out to be a romance story :smiling_face_with_tear:
I can say that I’ve only ever read two amazing comedy stories so far on Episode, so you can check them out if you want:

  • One of the Girls by Amberose
  • Legally Clueless by Charlie Cee

I agree with you! Nowadays it feels like romance is literally in EVERY.SINGLE.GENRE.

I have a recommendation for you though! It’s a rom-com called Room Dates by Abi.K, and her story had my cracking up like crazy! :rofl:

I know you said you wanted multiple main characters, but there ARE multiple love interests, so I hope that counts


Totally agree! I understand why some stories work better with comedy mixed up in there, that it’s great to have dark episodes that don’t keep you in dark places for too long before they brighten the mood with comedy or romance or both. But when it comes to the comedy section, there should be stories where comedy is the MAIN focus of the story, making people laugh is what the story is about, you can throw some swoon in there too, but for a story to be featured in the comedy section, it shouldn’t be a drama or romance story with comedy throwin in there, becuase I’m pretty sure most stories already have some jokes or comedy thrown in there and these stories aren’t different to the ones in the comedy section. LISTEN UP PEOPLE! COMEDY IS EVERYWHERE, IF YOU WANT YOUR STORY TO BE FEATURED IN THE COMEDY SECTION MAKE IT MOSTLY COMEDIC WITH ROMANCE, DRAMA, SADNESS ONLY USED THE WAY COMEDY IS USED IN NORMAL STORIES … AS A SIDE ELEMENT!


I’m pretty sure people make them romantic/dramatic is because that’s what sells on Episode. (Name one Episode Original without romance.) And having a (customizable) LI is expected, so stories with less CC have to rely on the plot and visuals to have a chance.

Edit: the amount of typos in this was talk_repulsed


What this really comes down to is a lack of enforcement on Episode’s part. Authors trying to game the system by putting their Drama/Romance story in one of the other categories to trend higher is nothing new. It’s supposedly against the rules, but no one ever seems to be reprimanded for it. I’ve noticed a few authors who do this pretty regularly and the fact that they’re still doing it just shows that Episode has no intention of cracking down on this practice. And while there are some stories that you could use the Obi-Wan defense on (from a certain point of view it could fit in this category), most of the time it’s blatantly obvious the story doesn’t belong in that genre. Unfortunately, until Episode decides to make this issue a priority, we’ll keep seeing categories, such as comedy, filled with stories that have no business being there.


me reading this thread whilst writing a comedy story: :eye::lips::eye:


While I do think that the main focus of my story is making people laugh, the relationship between the main characters is a major plot point, so I like to think of it as a rom-com. But I agree that there ARE stories in comedy that aren’t really even funny at all, just with humorous moments.
If you want to give my story a chance, it’s called Pick Me. I personally find my characters hilarious, but humor is subjective, so if you do decide to read it, let me know what you think. :wink: Another story that I found extremely hilarious and that I don’t hear people mention enough is Flashback Friday by Daisy W. That story had me howling with laughter in every episode.


i believe a couple of years ago, a few of us made a thread about something similar to what you’re saying. there’s SO many stories with romance in it and why? the answer to that question, is that romance much like sex trends-sells, unfortunately. however, i do wish we had more stories that were solely comedy, horror, mystery, and etc.

for recommendations- one of the girls by amberose. you play as a male but there are four other girls who are main characters as well. a lot of choices, endings/routes, and top tier comedy.

psychology 101 by annie edison
too much baby mama drama by lex (it’s a drama but i think it belongs in the comedy section)
linked by ariel c is pretty good and funny. it’s ink.


Just reread One of the Girls and the void in my heart reopened afterward :smiling_face_with_tear: it’s so freaking good

Love Room Dates and all of Abi. K’s work

I wanted to talk more about that but that’s a whole different conversation. I personally seek out stories with less romance nowadays because no ones invested me in a relationship more than freaking Rick Riordan


I think the episode’s comedy section is the least used section, sadly :pensive:. I love stories that has humor in it. I tried to write one too, but I rather put that into the Romance section so more people would find it, and I think thats very sad.
Also Rick Riordan for life :heart_eyes:


Yeah I do kinda agree. Comedy is definitely one of my fav genres and when I’m searching for stories I’m genuinely looking for an actually funny story, the kinda that’s all wholesome and just makes you feel good, and I don’t have a problem with authors just trying to promote their stories since Romance is really competitive, but I feel like it makes actual Comedy stories much harder to find. I mean I myself have got a rom-com style story (The Roommate Pact) in the Comedy section but it’s more of a combo of genres (Romance, Comedy and Mystery) so I like to think its primary genre is humour since that’s what it’s centred around.


omg yessss Rick Riordan is an absolutely legend, god-tier shipping :star_struck:

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I guess it’s not wrong, romance with comedy is technically still somepart comedy. The plot could also be ironic too but yeah, when I think of comedy stories, I usually don’t think of the ones in the trending section. :disappointed_relieved:


You know what? That is a really good point! I mean, the comedy section might as well have been called rom-com or just put in the romance section. I see comedy stories with romamce be put in the romance section, and it mostly makes no sense.


I totally agree with you!

Comedy stories I highly recommend:

Beckett and the Beast by episodepeach (LL)
The Homecoming Game by Jojo Y (ink)
The Pregnancy Curse by Dr Smile (ink)
Laundry Shop by Funeral Cats (LL)
Flunkers’ Club by Zara Jay (LL, multiple LI)
Dearly Betrothed by Ji (LL, multiple LI)
Ticket to Heaven by Love S (ink)
Bad Cops by Merlin (ink)
I beeping hate you! by daxa.episode (LL, multiple LI)

Comedy stories that I haven’t read but have heard are funny:

An Episode Original by Mz (LL)
Chasing Cheetah by Lucillia Louvre (LL)
The Basic Story by Deannana (LL)