Lana Augustine seeking: A Writing partners 😽

Ello Loves! :kissing_cat:
For those who don’t know me, I’m Lana Augustine and I’m looking for someone who can write, cod, and proofreaders!

Any questions can be answered below or on my Instagram account (Down at the bottom)

Its a Romance/Drama/Slice of life story.
Title: Pretty Dark Thing
What hides behind the lies are truths that failed to get to the light. What lies behind your betrayal may have been honest at first sight.

Discord Link:



I’ll help. If you still need anything.

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Ok, can you PM?

~Lana Augustine :kissing_cat:

What’s PM?

Private Message me.

Ok. Did it.

I can be a proofreader, if you want :two_hearts:

Pm please before I lose you! I need a Proofreader! or join my Discord if you have one

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Either’s fine. I have discord, but pm is probably easier.

Which ever one your prefer.
But I have a link for my discord

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If you need any help with anything I can help you :grinning:

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EEEKK! I’m so excited! How are you love?
So do you have any questions you need answered?

Not that I can think of at this second. But what it your needing help with the most?

I think I need a story planner more than anything.

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sounds good well i followed you from my episode Instagram :grinning:

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