Limelight customizations

I’ll bet there’s a thread somewhere I didn’t see that’s similar to this one, and if so I apologize!

I just wanted to say two things:

One, I really love the wide variety of skin color options on the Limelight character customizations, it’s a breath of fresh air and I love the diversity.

Two, I’d personally like to see more hairstyles in Limelight. I don’t know if this is something being currently worked on (I know the outfits are something that is being worked on) but I just think even small differences between a few general hairstyles would go a long way. It’s a bit repetitive to have 3 girls in one story with the same hairstyle just because it’s the length I see them all having.


They are definitely working on new hairstyles. On Instant Princess you can see the new hairstyles in different lengths. I don’t know when these will be released but they are trickling in time to time.

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