Looking for a commission artist for a few pieces


I’m looking to commission a few pieces (preferably from the same artist)
I’m not too sure how many yet or the details as of now, but I know I definitely need a small and large cover.

I’m willing to spend about £25-30 per piece but would be flexible and I’d need them finished within a month.

I’m not too fussy on the style but would lean towards a more semi-realistic/realistic one.
Obviously details could be discussed later as well etc.

Does anyone have any recommendations or know where I could find one?

Thank You


@Vampira @ChocolateCheeze @caitlindrewthis @Tesbie28 @heart.creates @astarael @Coco_Beans

Also @Ladymesk on insta she’s done stuff for a friend of mine and it’s amazing


Hi! My commission open
Dm if you like my style)
I made art in 3-5 days


Hello, here is my pricing and some examples of my work :blush: I too am willing to negotiate if you like my style, please DM if interested!
EDIT: I know you have a timeframe, and I can work with that, too.

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Heyyy :heartpulse: I just pm’d you my examples . Let me know if you’re interested :relaxed:

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Thank you so much! I’ll definitely check them all out!

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thank you for the tag girly! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I do have a semi-realistic style with good price.
You can check m examples and price lift in my thread/topic

you can contact me through @tesbie_artz on insta. as well.

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Heyyy!! I have pmed you my examples! please let me know if you would like anything!

Thank youuu!

Hello, my commissions are also open. Here are some examples.


If you haven’t found anyone yet, I recommend checking my topic out: List of amazing ARTISTS you can COMMISSION! 🌸💞

There are some amazing ARTISTS you can commission and I’m sure there are some on there that have prices around what you’re looking for :relaxed::cherry_blossom: