Looking for Coder (Co-Writing)

Hi all,

I just returned to Episode again, and I would like to extend my interest in co-working on a story!

Personally I won’t have much time to commit into writing a story so that’s why I can only partner up with someone.

If you’re looking to code + some hard skills that you would like to provide into a story but lacking of an idea, we could work together! :))

Things that I’m able to provide:

  • Story plot
  • Character portfolio
  • Dialogues
  • Poster & graphics
  • Advice on coding (character placement, camera directing, some coding logics)

I’m quite easy-going as a partner, but at the same time I’m tend to nitpick on some tiny details (eg. in art, placement, directing).

Just reply to this thread and we shall get in touch. :hearts:



I would totally be interested!

Hiiii. I will shoot you a message and see if we could work it out ya! :))

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Piu piu~

hello! are you still looking for someone?

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Yes I’m still looking for one! I’ll send you a message shortly to discuss ya! :))

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Hi Dreamercyn!

I’m looking for a co-writer or coder as well. I have started my first episode story, but lost on where I want to take the plot. I would love to collab if we are a good match. I’m okay with scrapping my current story to create something new with you or we can continue with my original idea, and critique it together!

Savii :writing_hand: :hearts:

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Absolutely girl! I’ll send you a message and we shall get to know each other ya! :smiling_face:

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Yay! Okay, talk to you soon.

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It sounds like you have a lot to offer as a collaborative partner for a story project! Your combination of skills in storytelling, character development, graphics, and coding can make for a dynamic team. Best of luck finding a partner to work with, and I hope you create something amazing together!

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hi cain i be your partner

By mentioning specific coding skills and story preferences, you can attract a collaborator who’s a better fit for your project.

I’m interested in collaborating on a story with you. Your skills in storytelling, character development, and graphics are impressive, and I believe we could create something great together. Let’s connect and discuss further details!