Looking for limb overlays with tattoos! (Both genders)

hii! I’m in need of a male and female limb overlays! Any type of position/pose is fine! I just want necessary limbs for future scenes if needed!
details are below. (the overlays don’t have to have the exact tattoos but a replica maybe!)

female : skin color - neutral 04

male : skin color - rose 05 - tattoo - tribal skull lace black ink

I will ofc give credits! (It would be nice if u added rings/accessories on both limb genders if it’s a hand overlay.

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If you want them incredibly detailed, I would recommend visiting this thread:

Be sure you read through the rules properly if so. :smiling_face: Alternatively, I can give it a shot for you tomorrow, as I’ve got a few overlays to make anyway! Let me know.


Check @SHOUTOUT thread for limbs with tattoos as well:

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Thank you for recommending my shop :smiling_face:


Thank you for the Shout-Out :strawberry: :star:

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