Looking for proof-reader & beta reader!

Hello, loves!

I am releasing my story Falling Leaves this upcoming August. I have completed episodes 1-3 and am slowly working my way through episode 4.
However, I am in need of some brutally honest feedback before publishing!

For the Beta Reader position, I need help reviewing the plot as a whole and how I deliver the story.
For the Proof Reader position, I need someone that is well equipped in terms of the English language and grammar.

Do not just sign up for this to read a story, because it’s never the finished product. This is a stage in creating a story and if you are not serious about the position then you are not helping in any way.

I apologize if that was rude, but I’ve had issues in the past.

Please be sure to let me know if you are interested either in the comments, by PM, or on Instagram (@elwrites.stories).

Thank you all very much for your assistance!
Loves and hugs! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::blush:

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Mainly looking for proof-refer at this point!

I’m a commissioned proofreader.
Let me know if you are interested

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Hey there!

I am so so sorry but I do not have the resources to pay for anything at the moment. I sincerely appreciate your willingness to assist me though!

Hey there, I could proof-read your story!
And as you said, this is not to read new stories

Unfortunately a lot of people use insta to share stuff but I don’t use ig so it may be a bit difficult

Let me know if you’re interested (I’m starting out so it’s free)

I can proof read for you! I am an episode writer myself and I understand how important it is to get someone to proof read for you! Give me a reply or dm me on instagram (@episodeinteractivecreator) to get a review or to get your story promoted for free!

I can proof read your story and promote it for free! I understand how important it is so either reply or give me a dm at (@episodeinteractivecreator) to get it reviewed and promoted! Have a great day!

I can help you!