Make backgrounds

If anyone needs backgrounds please let me know. My episode is Brianna_episode .


Hi i need backgrounds! :slight_smile::heart: do you have some?

Hey, what backgrounds are you looking for?

Hey Brianna, I am in need of some!

I need something like a wall where a character can lean on. I thought that maybe it could be kind of sketchy (idk if that’s the word). It has to be a day background.

If not, another wall (just please not a white wall) is okay…
And if you had any sketchy and shady backrounds (maybe a dark alley or something suspecious), it would be wonderful too.

Okay I’ll see what I can do

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Thank you so much!!

I want a Inside Car Background :heart::smile:

You didnt make that… please give credit to the real owner…

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Hello, can you help me with a background please?