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Can I request for a background?

  • fantasy market street
  • if possible overlays with markets And the market at different angles

Hey @julan
Didnt you request the same thing on my shop too?
This , my friend is Thread Hopping :no_mouth:

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Wait let’s talk privately :slightly_smiling_face:

Can you PM me pls! I don’t want to spam this shop !

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could you make a overlay of these islands?

Hello, I can do the first* two.

Here they are:

0ea6f590bbcc24499baa7d17cc061d663f5d146e_2_690x408-removebg-preview (1)

bd4b480ee8d42aed814da2191cca097841c5bfd0_2_690x408-removebg-preview (1)

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Thank you!!! :yellow_heart:

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Anytime! If it’s a bit messy, you can erase parts of it that you don’t need.

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Hey i was just wondering how do i place this in my game, and who do i credit?

What do i type in my script for this to come out?

Hi :heart: can I request a drawn splash
Character deets :

Outfit :

Pose :

Background :

Words : See You Next Time
Extra deets : nothing :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Hi do you make limelight
i am requesting a character edit

Character deets

Body :female generic
Skin tone :neutral 0
Hair :long straight sideswept bangs -jet black
Eyes :generic aqua blue
Eye brow :deep brown
Nose :defined neutral
Face shape :soft heart
Mouth :small heart hot pink


Distressed Jean Jacket Open Denim Blue, Ripped Shorts Denim Oxford Blue, Halter Tassel Crop Top Cotton Grey White, Compas Rose Leg Tattoo Ink Multi Color, Dagger Heart Chest Tattoo Ink Multi Color, Eyebrow Piercing Horizondal Barbell Silver,Ankle Tied Strappy Heels Leather

Name :Eva
Pose:last part of blush_lookaway_bashfull
i hope you get my idea of pose

I’m canceling my request, sorry but I don;t know if you even saw it or not!