Miss Mj's stories

Heyyy what do you think of the stories written by miss mj?


I’m gonna put this lightly… Not a fan.


Her LIs are toxic and she is problematic,


I’m reading chain reaction. What do you think ?

Did you read “it’s just an ilusion” and “chain reaction”? What do you think?

I read all her stories except for taste the darkness I’ve only ever read half. Since her stories were rlly big a few years ago and still today plus I was younger so I didn’t understand much, I read all her stories. But now since I’m older I can see that the things that the LI does can be considered abusive or problematic to some people. The only female MC that actually could fight back was Alexandra, Charlotte was kind of like a mouse…


What is there to like?


:sparkles: toxic :sparkles:


Never read any, but now I’m scared to :joy:


I tried reading one, but her LIs are just so toxic. I can’t get through them


Her stories were what started the “mafia” trend. I’ve read chain reaction serie and it’s just an illusion (only the first one) I was young so I did like it. She does put a lot of work in those and she updates pretty fast, she has been around for years too so I have nothing against her


Haven’t read them, nor do I plan to. I’m genuinely scared from what I’ve seen in screenshots lol. Romanticizing the mafia and toxic masculinity isn’t cute :heart_eyes_cat:


Honestly, I would of liked them but her love interests are so toxic and basically all the same. The first Chain Reaction story hit different in 2016/2017 but I just wanted the MC to leave the LI and go solo, it infuriated me how it was apparently acceptable for him to treat her like dirt (and trust me I had to read her stories recently for a reading list). The first one is a bit predictable but if you just read the rest, it is like reading the same story all over again in 7 different books. The only one I got very interested in was It’s just an Illusion (just the first one) but even then, the plot was the same and the LI and MC were proven to be a bit toxic. I think it would do Miss Mj some good to break off from writing about the same people and write about new people. She’s been writing the same connected series for years and is clearly running out of ideas.


Thank you all for your replies
I was reading “chain reaction” and I decided to ask for your opinion because in fact the LI is toxic and treat the MC like s*ht
Thanks again :slight_smile:


I read chain reaction and at the time I liked the story line, (I’ve since realised it was problematic) but overall I just didn’t think the writing was good and (I think) she used some Irish slang which I thought was just plain weird since the story was set in America lol. Now that I’ve grown up a bit I hate the chain reaction series and all of miss mjs stories. They’re all very cliche and portray gangs in a romantic and positive way when gangs are definitely nothing like that.


I think there all the exact same plot could be due to the time it was done but none of her stories really stands out no idea how she became so popular in the first place.


Won’t give her toxic LIs the time of day, sorry. It’s not in my interest to read about the glorification of toxic masculinity.


I’ve read chain reaction. It was full of toxic shit. I’ve seen screenshots of it’s just an illusion and I hated it


My polite answer: Her stories aren’t my cup of tea.

My honest answer: Her stories are very problematic.


Don’t like them. Too toxic and boring to me.

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