Models for Editing Needed! (INK)

Hey everyone,

If you follow me on instagram (@epy.anisha), you probably know I’ve tried my hand at editing characters.

I’d appreciate it if you filled out the form below, so I can edit you!

Please note that I may edit others before you. Also, just because you filled out the form doesn’t mean I will edit you straight away. I will resort to the form when I have nobody to edit.

Linking to above, please also note that you can keep your edit if you like it, but for me, it is just practising editing until I become a really good editor (in my eyes).

The characters needed can be your own, or just someone you have made up. I’ll gladly edit them for you.

INK ONLY EVERYONE! :sparkling_heart:



If you can see my profile pic, those are the types of edits I do. :slight_smile:

(It looks very blurry on my computer once I’ve saved the thread but the edit isn’t actually blurry, lol.)

P.S: My instagram account is private. If it isn’t an episode account, I won’t accept. However, if you don’t have an episode account and you DM me and tell me it’s you, I’ll accept.


Thanks, everyone!

I’ll do 4 at a time max. I already have 4. Once I’ve done them, I’ll open it up again. :slight_smile:

Anisha Xx


bumping because i need asap!

Follow for follow?

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Sure :ok_hand:t3:

I’m sorry, what do you mean?

Hey I submitted my response!!

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Hey, thank you!

No worries as I was waiting for you to open it…:grinning::grinning::grin:

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