Move overlays (car...etc.)


so I would like to move this car overlay… but I’m not quite sure where I should write it in my skript… can somebody help me out please.

I also would like to know how you can move an overlay (like a car, that is driving away).


Click, show helpers and then, spot directing after that you can click switch tool:scale to scale your overlay and switch tool: move to heighten your overlay. You’ll get those coordinates at the bottom column and you can copy those into your script

Yah I now how to do that but I’m not sure where to put the coordinates in my script… :confused:

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If you want the car to appear already on the screen, then put the coordinates on the same line as your background.

To move the car, you need to spot it at the start snd ending point.

&overlay NAME scales to x x in 0
@overlay NAME shifts to x x in zone 1 in 0

&overlay NAME scales to x x in 2
@overlay NAME shifts to x x in zone 2 in 2

When moving it, you don’t need to include the scaling coordinates if you’re not changing sizes, but if you do include it it’s important to make it the same time length as the shifting otherwise it’ll get…weird lol

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Thank you so much!

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I’m sure @KylieJay helped you :sparkling_heart:

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I’m still not really sure how to type it in…

So you’ll need to write it like this:

EXT. HYDRANGEA LANE - DAY with CAR ANGLE SILVER to 1.000 118 -38 in zone 1

Replace 1.000 with whatever the scaling size of the car is in your script

Thank you again

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