Join the giveaway @Randomwriter07 and @kxlsiiwrites are doing :sparkles:
This is a chance for free art and for me to promote my story

To be qualified to enter you must:

  • Follow @kxlsiiwrites and @Randomwriter07 on instagram (if you don’t have insta ignore this)
  • Respect others and don’t be rude. Let’s try to keep this thread as friendly as possible
  • Make sure to private message us screenshots, you will not be qualified to participate if you send them here. :white_heart:

    To be part of the giveaway please do the following steps:
  • Reply to this post saying you have entered and the password: Secret :white_heart: this is so we know you read the rules.
  • Follow us on Instagram if not already.
  • Read @kxlsiiwrites’ story FOREVER AND ALWAYS
  • PM us screenshots so we know you read it.
  • Tag someone on the forums to check this page out

    A message from @kxlsiiwrites
    :white_heart: Hey guys, I am a very new small author that has been apart of the community for over 6 years. But i thought, why not try to write?
    Could everyone help me out with reading and sharing this story, it would mean so much and I have worked/working very very hard. I have received 52 reads in 4 days!! I am still writing this story but for now just read three chapters

Three people will be chosen at random by @kxlsiiwrites to get the following:

Awards :trophy:

First place: :1st_place_medal:

  • Gets 1 small or large cover (edited)
  • Gets 2 character cards (edited)
  • Gets 1 art piece (drawn)
  • Gets 3 splashes

Second Place :2nd_place_medal:

  • Gets 1 small or large cover (edited)
  • Gets 1 character card (edited)
  • Gets 1 art piece (drawn)
  • Gets 2 splashes

Third place :3rd_place_medal:

  • Gets 1 small or large cover
  • Gets 1 character card
  • Gets 2 splashes

Participants will be tagged
and so on…
Deadline: September 21st
All entries will get a shout out (in a splash on my story)


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