Music and sound


I add music and sound after every background and it says
Unexpected garbage: The text on this line does not follow our formatting.

What do I do?


Have you turned the previous music/sound off?


Yeah it still says the same thing :confused:


Is it doing it for every single sound/music?


Can you post a pic of your script


It is


I cant post the whole script its over a few thousand lines :sweat_smile:


Ah I think it is because you put a music off immediately before adding music maybe use

volume music to help ease the sound?


did you put music music_grimybeat or sound music_grimybeat? Depending on what you want?


I just figured that out :sweat_smile: i forgot to add those :rofl:


But now my
sound alarmclock-digital
Is saying the garbage error :cry:


sound alarmclock_digital

you have sound alarmclock-digital


Thank you!!!


No problem love…we are all in the same coding boat! LOL




Lol this will be the day I die (won’t play sound or music)

Fml :woman_facepalming:t2: