Music Sounds Problem!

Hey guys, I just needed a quick help for something… I’m writing my story and I’m doing the episode 7. I’m trying to add music and some sounds and it doesn’t work it’s saying like a kind of code: Error: PlayWebAudio failed: Type Error : This create content source is not a function (undefined)

It’s really weird :frowning:
Thank you !


Here’s my script:


sound ext_manorgardens_day

@pause for a beat
@pause for a beat

Los Angeles , California

@pause for a beat
@pause for a beat

@transition fade out white 4

I have the same problem!!
Please @Apes or @Dara.Amarie help us!

My script is:

INT. CEO OFFICE OL - DAY with DESK OFFICE WOOD at layer 0 in zone 1
@cut to zone 3
@JULIE changes into Shirt and Shorts
@JULIE changes hair into Beach Wave Hair
@JULIE changes mouthColor into Peach Gloss
@transition fade in black 3
@JULIE stands screen center in zone 2 AND JULIE faces left
@JULIE moves to layer -1
@add Composition School Open Grey Black to JULIE
@JULIE is read_book_open_neutral_loop

@pause for a beat

@pan to zone 2

@pause for a beat

@pause for a beat

@remove Composition School Open Grey Black from JULIE

sound door_knock

@JULIE is think_rubchin

Miss..i'm the colonnel,could you please open?

Is it working on the phone? Because lately Web Preview has been very glitchy. :expressionless:

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It worked on my tablet! (I have downloaded Episode on the tablet) And the error disappeared automatically YAY!


it worked on my phone.