My overlay doesn't show up when i do @add overlay (OVERLAYNAME)


like its there, but i can’t see it.


did you write in which zone it appears?


don’t forget to add an opacity


This method has never worked for me :frowning_face:. I’ve always had to do INT. BAKGROUND NAME - DAY with OVERLAY NAME and make the opacity 0 until I’m ready to use it.

Good luck!


Lol I know I’m a little late on answering, but the reason it is not showing up is because you must write - @overlay (OVERLAYNAME) create


How do make it into another zone


You have to out it’s spot; like shifts to blah blah blah in zone 2 OR when you put in the background write BACKGROUND NAME with OVERLAYNAME to (spot) in zone 2. Hope this helps xx


It finally worked thanks


No problem!