My story shows up in the app but it isn't showing anything I wrote

I used writer’s portal on my phone to create a story and add a first episode so It would be ready for me to start working on it on my computer the next day. It didn’t show up in the app at first. It is showing it in the app now, BUT even though I have 7 lines written in the first episode, when I open the app to see how it looks it just says to be continued.

I’ve added these screenshots so you can see what’s happening.

Does anyone know how to fix this?

If I remember correctly, you won’t be able to see anything because there needs to be a bit more dialogue in there not just a few lines.
Do you have a “To be continued” dialogue in your script?

You need to have at least 400 lines and 3 episodes for it to show up in the app.

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I think that’s for being able to publish it


I had a story with over 400 lines in the first episode and it didn’t show up in the app, but I created 2 more empty chapters and it showed up in the app. (this was yesterday)

To publish, you need to have at least 400 lines of code for the chapters, but for viewing on the app, you can have an empty script in the other 2 chapters.

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Aah now I remember

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I created a new story on my laptop and copied all the characters I made. I also copied the 7 lines I had on the other one to the new one and it’s showing in the app just Fine. The writers portal probably just isn’t made to be used on a Mobile browser. It’s okay now.

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Yeah you can’t use your phone to write your story.
You can use it to fix speech bubbles and zooms but not a story