Names for an Empire or Country



So I’m in the midst of writing a fantasy story but I’ve run into an issue.

As most fantasy stories would, mine has an empire with different cities and locations. I’m trying to find proper names for the the empire and cities but it’s hard. Most names I’ve found are super cliche or don’t sound pleasing.

I’ve tried using a translator and using basic English words and translating them to another language to maybe find something neat but came to no avail.

Do any of you have any suggestions or speak another language that has a phrase as I was speaking about above?

It’s an isolated kingdom with 4 districts of varying wealth. It’s a fantasy based story with a regal feel to it but at the same time there’s a dark and raw theme.


Aurora sounds kind of cool to me if it helps at all (no idea if there’s a story similar though)


How many names do you need? (In other words, how many Empires and Cities do you need to be named?)

Are there any specific characteristics you have to describe the places or the people there?



I just need a few city names (3 or 4) and one name for the empire/country.

The story is fantasy but the society is set modern, and the people vary.

District 1 = The slums, the black market, just an overall sketchy place.

District 2 = The lower class, agriculture, and just lower class citizens.

District 3 = Middle class, businesses and homes, and middle class people.

District 4 = upper class and titles, governments and palaces, it’s the extremely wealthy royal people.


City Names

  • BreakNyne
  • DeVoide
  • N’Toar
  • Fu’taam
  • Arog’aan

Empire/Country Names

  • Manazar
  • Gemitine (pronounced Jem-it-een)
  • Enok
  • The Unknown (Could be a nickname of some kind)

How’s this, @ZADDY?


Just some ideas… :woman_shrugging:

  • Alpoke
  • Treyone
  • Ghonia
  • Darmacoz
  • Proyen
  • Ooreial
  • Colombion
  • Wanlok
  • Christeon
  • Balogh


These are nice!

Thank you for the suggestions.

To be honest, I felt like those names seemed a little too medieval to me.
The story has modern features but fantasy themes.



Idk, made these the top of my head! :rofl:


Can I just scramble a bunch of words? Cool. You don’t have to use em.
Lol sorry.