Need A Bedroom Background!

Heya! I’m in desperate need of a bedroom background for my upcoming story! I would like it to be somewhat similar to this background but more modern:

For reference, I tried to create my ownbut gave up halfway. I’m clearly not very good at it! I would like it to be somewhat similar to this, but with more furniture and stuff, like a rug, vanity, wardrobe, all of that kinda stuff! And I would prefer if the overlays and details and such were in the episode style.

If you could make this, or even direct me to someone who could, I would be so so grateful! Thank you!!!

I can find one for you!! :slight_smile:

That would be awesome!

Do you want both a day and night background?

Oh yeah! If you can find both that would be great! If not I’m sure I could edit a day one into night.

okay! :slight_smile:

Does this work? If not, I have some other ones too if you wanna see those.

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Where’d you get these backgrounds?

pixabay. it has a lot of copyright-free pictures you can use. i use it all the time it’s great.

And after I download it I usually use this site to make sure it’s the right size:

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Good. A free for use site :ok_hand:t2:

yep :slight_smile:

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