Need a script partner

Hey guys I need a script partner and if you want to be partners I’ll give you my information about my episode interactive account so you can write on my account and I’ll give you my phone number so we can write together

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I can help I’m currently writing a story myself and I could the help also, but I can only communicate through forums and Instagram. I hope that’s why. :sweat_smile:

Ok what’s your insta

when do u wanna work on it

I can be your episode script partner! :slight_smile:

When do u want to do it

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I don’t mind :slight_smile:

Ok let’s work on it know but can I have your phone number

Yh but we can’t call we can text tho :slight_smile:


My phone number will charge us cuz its from a different country :confused:

U have insta we can use that?


It’s fine I’ll work on it by myself but thx

K soz than it won’t work sorry :frowning:

Hope your not mad good luck :blush:

No I’m not why would think that

Hey sorry can we be script partners still

Yeah :grinning:

What your insta