Need an artist for an art scene!

Hi! I’m looking for someone who can do a free drawn art scene for me!

Here is what I was hoping it would look like:



Context of the scene: Eva is pushing away Grim bc he broke into her house (lol) to talk, but he holds her wrists so he can actually explain what’s going on. His face should be aggressive, her face should be scared

About my story:
Evangeline Love (Eva) is a master FBI agent. There was no case she couldn’t solve-until a strange man took her mother’s soul right in front of her- only for him to knock on her door the next day.
Basically about the grim reaper and an FBI agent working together against the universe to stop her whole fam from dying.

You would be credited, followed on Instagram and will probably be the banner as well <3 I hope I can find someone! And if someone’s already responded wanting to do it, still, don’t hesitate to tell me if you can! Ty <3

Maybe try some episode help groups ?

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You can check @/ on Instagram :two_hearts: