Need an overlay for these backgrounds

Can someone please make overlays for this cafeteria background? I will give credit, thank you! I need the tables and the rail in the back

I also need an overlay for this boxing background as well. I need the ropes around the arena,

Apparently, the cafeteria background is a hidden background and cannot be used in your story(ies).

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Please just credit me as (@luna_moonx)




CAFETERIA RAIL (the empty parts will be covered by the tables)

This. So even if someone under Louise provided overlays, you shouldn’t use them in your story, as well as background.
Quote from Liz of Epi Team:

Hidden assets that have not been released should not be used in your stories. While they may sometimes be inadvertently approved, they are restricted for a reason. If we find them in your story, they can be removed for breaking our content guidelines around copyrighted materials.

Also thread:

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Thanks for letting me know! I didn’t know this was a hidden background, I got this from a someone else thread😭. They should make a list or something so that we know these are hidden

Thank you for doing this! But unfortunately i am not able to use this background in my story since it’s apparently a hidden one. Are you able to make overlays for the ropes in the boxing ring background instead?

OMG what I didn’t even know that lol! Yes ofc I can do the Boxing ring :slight_smile:

Please credit (@luna_moonx)

Heres the Boxing Ring

And heres the front if you want your characters to be inside

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Perfect thank you so much! I will give credit as needed 🫶🏾

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