Need Drawing Prompts pls!

Hey everyone!

I’ve gotten a spurts of motivation to draw and i dont want to commit myself to an art piece for someone because I likely won’t finish it. Instead I’m looking for some cool drawing prompts to practice making covers and art scenes.

Please drop your ideas below, and feel free to add your character detail card as well since I’m practicing episode covers (please only add character details if you put down a prompt, ty).

Thank you :heart_on_fire:

update: hey guys i appreciate you all dropping your character cards but PLEASE only add your character details if you suggest a prompt, as I meant I’d be usuing your details in your prompt if I chose to do it. Thanks!


Feel free to use mine to practice!

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Hey love feel free to use my character for practice .

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Hey @kaiden_doestuff! How are you? Hope you are doing well :hugs::two_hearts: I’m glad to hear that you are feeling motivated to draw! Here are some drawings prompts that I thought of;

  1. A magical academy with (a) student(s) casting spells and learning potions :nerd_face:
  2. Adventurers exploring an ancient temple filled with traps & puzzles :jigsaw:
  3. An enchanted garden with fairies and butterflies :butterfly::sparkles:
  4. Detectives solving a mystery in a haunted mansion :thinking:
  5. Witches/wizards in a mystical library with flying books and magical artifacts :woman_shrugging:t2:

I hope these will inspire you :blush:

And also, here’s my character card;

Made by @Salbat.Author :hugs::two_hearts:

Have a good day! And of course, have fun! :two_hearts:

Take care, Christina <3


Thank you for credit! :hearts:


Here’s my characters for practice!



you can also use my character card for your practice <3

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