Need edited background asap heeeeelp

Hey guys! I’m in desperate need for a specific background and logo overlay before Tuesday night. I had one planned, but no one had gotten back to me. Below this is 2 images. And this is the background I need, both night and day:
(Exterior of bar)
Their logo is the head of a bass, with two long legs covered in fishnets beside the head. The name of the bar is “Fishnets & Bass” and it needs to have swirled letters. It’s supposed to look sexy, but is very weird. It’s a brick building with windows that look dirty, and it’s in the slums of New York. Include some sidewalk and lamps, and keep in mind that it’s a dangerous neighborhood with drug users and whatnot.

Please please help. I don’t have a lot of time because I’m on a deadline. Here are some images below of what I had an idea of:

image 103cb2b8d868ed2b3f59068d75688541609a2d67_1_450x500

Please help asap!

We can help! We’ll get back to you soon :smiley:

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Plz and thank you omg :dizzy_face::dizzy_face::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


If you need any changes feel free to tell us! If you use it, please credit Episode Harmony!



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I can’t see it :sweat_smile:

I’ll PM you it!

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I think you click on it?? Idk

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I think what she means is that She wants the building with the streetlamps and the logo and it has to look dirty or something like that.

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Yes, exactly :slight_smile:

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Oh ok… Sorry lol

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Are you able to do it?

I can try :blush:

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How about like this?

If you want anything changed, feel free to ask me!
If not, please remember to credit me and Episode Harmony!
Have a good day! :heart: