Need help making cover

Does anyone know how to create a cover for story off computer?

I know how :blush: I could make one for u if u want :blush:

Yes please do lol

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Ok give me the details please :blush:

Do u want the pics of my characters

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Yes please with their poses and the background u want and the title and the author of the story

ok give me a second. how do you get a character to not walk infront or between other characters

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What do u mean?

when some of my characters enter they walk like inbetween people instead of behind them

U have to put your character at the first layer

The Title is The Wrong Friend
By. Carissa

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Your request is complete :


Feel free to tell me if u want anything changed.

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It looks fine the way it is thanks!

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Your welcome

How do i resize it

i mean this one my bad lol

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I’ll fix it

Try this one for the upper half:

Upper half

It worked thankss