Need help on throwing ball overlay!

So I’m trying to code a scene where one of my character throws a ball to another characters face. But when I preview to code the coordinates for the ball, I can’t seem to find the overlay. Like it does not pop up when I tap switch overlay. Here is my coding. What am I doing wrong lol.

@ SKYLAR starts pass_ball_happy

@pause for 0.5

@overlay BASKETBALL create AND overlay BASKETBALL opacity 100% in 0 AND overlay BASKETBALL rotates 0 anchor point 0.5 0.5 in 0

@pause for a beat

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use @overlay BASKETBALL create
@overlay BASKETBALL opacity1 then use your other coding for where you want it to go

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Do I need to wait for my overlay to get approved? I tested it with my other overlays, and it works (they are approved). I tried almost everything, and I still can’t seem to be able to see the basketball on my screen.

It’s probably because you uploaded it after you previewed your story. Reload the page and it should show, if not then set your opacity to 1.

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I’ve been trying to figure this out for god knows how long :skull: Thank u sm

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