Need Help with Spotting


How do you make a character be at a place already … like when it fades into a new scene for the characters to be already there without having to make them walk in …hopefully someone helps me


you only have to put zones and spots like that


@pan to zone 2
@CHARACTER stands screen center (just go to the preview and go to directing helper then put the character where it should stand and copy it under the preview) OR write @YOU spot 1.280 138 -22

I hope I could help you


Thank you and what is the @pan


it’s the backround what its moving. It depends the size of the bakround just write pan to one 1 or 2 or 3.


Ok thank you so much :blush:


if you need help you can ask me any time


Thank you :slight_smile:️ I’ll pm you if I need help in anything else


Does the characters name have to be in Capital letters when we do the @


Yes. Character names should be capitalized throughout your whole script, with the exception of dialogue.