Need help with Zooming!

I am having some trouble with zooms everytime i type in the code for zooms i get an error saying it is not a valid directing command?? Can anyone post what a zoom command is supposed to look like please??

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Can you send your code?
I will look and tell you what’s wrong with the coding :upside_down_face:

please post your script (:

for example:

@zoom on 369 391 to 100% in 0

the number after the “in” are seconds…if it is 0 it zooms immediately if you put 3 it will zoom in 3 seconds
But you really do not need to write the zoom down - I use only the preview window - directing helper / zoom helper… and then when the zoom is exactly as I want it push the copy button below the preview window and than ctrl+V to your scrip and it copies to your script. So 100%sure you will have no eror.:slight_smile:

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